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How Could The Royal Wedding Look?

How Could The Royal Wedding Look?

The royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is fast approaching and everyone is talking about what the bride will wear, what suit the groom will wear, who will be performing at their wedding (it looks like it could be Ed Sheeran according to Cosmopolitan magazine), who will be on the guest list and who will decline an invite.


All this hype for the royal wedding got us thinking; what will the actual wedding reception for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle look like?

The wedding of Harry and Meghan will be smaller than that of Prince William and Kate; however it still wouldn’t be what you and I might class as a small wedding with close family only. While Prince William and Kate married at Westminster Abbey which held 1,900 of their guests, Harry and Meghan will be marrying at St George’s Chapel which has a capacity of just 800 people.

St George Chapel

The wedding invitations will often show what can be expected from the wedding in regards to wedding colours and themes, but there is a Royal Standard that the happy couple need to stay loyal to, so we’ve not been given any hints of what to expect. This is the sacred stationery that is sent out under Queen Elizabeth’s name and is in minimal colours with a standard script or serif font to announce the date of the wedding and to confirm the recipient is invited. At the top of the invitation is the Queens gold stamp in the centre.

Royal Invite Previous

As a side note, invitations for Kate and Williams wedding went out 2 months before the big day; so if you are expecting an invite to the royal wedding in May, then watch your letterbox through the month of March.

A lot of effort will need to go into the seating plan for the wedding as politicians will all be seated in one area, foreign royals in another and so on. What is refreshing perhaps, if they are to follow as Prince William did, everyone will be sat on the same chairs; no matter who you are or how famous you may be. Everyone has the same chairs with chair covers and chair sashes or chair hoods to match the colour and theme of the happy couple choice.


Chair Covers and Sashes

After the wedding service there will be a reception for the happily married couple along with guests from the congregation and this will take place at St George’s Hall. Later on in the day, around early evening the Prince of Wales will give a private evening reception for the couple with their close friends and family.

We imagine the theme will be very much whites and gold’s, perhaps a starlight backdrop or Grecian Romance Backdrop during the wedding breakfast, the flowers will be minimal but beautiful with a real theme of candlelight to add to the romance of this very special occasion.

 Royal Backdrop





We shall certainly be watching on the day and seeing how we can re-create the royal wedding decor products for purchase by our clients for their brides who are soon to marry.


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